babylove Valve suction cup wide neck silicone, size. M, round, from birth, universal size, 2 pieces

babylove Valve suction cup wide neck silicone, size. M, round, from birth, universal size, 2 pieces

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Product description
  • ACTIFLEX® system
  • Anti-colic valve
  • Tested and confirmed by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS
  • Complies with EN 14350
  • Round suction cup, universal size
The babylove WIDE-NECK DRINKING SLEEVE M made of silicone, with an anti-colic valve, is available in one universal size and is therefore suitable for all ages. The round shaped teat adapts perfectly to the palate of your baby and offers the tongue a lot of leeway. Of course, the Sauer is suitable for all babylove wide-neck bottles and wide-neck glass bottles and also complies with the EN 14350 safety standard. It is also made from carefully tested materials. The babylove products are subjected to regular checks by recognized, independent test institutes.

Storage instructions
Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat, store cleaned, cool and dry, otherwise the suction part could be damaged.

Instructions for use
The wide-neck teats fit all babylove wide-neck bottles and wide-neck glass bottles.
Boil the suction part in water for 5 minutes before using it for the first time. Make sure there is enough liquid in the pot to avoid damage. Then let it cool down and gently squeeze any remaining water out of the suction part. Before each use, clean the teat by rinsing and boiling it. This serves to ensure hygiene. Check that the drinking hole and anti-colic valve are not blocked. Do not clean in the dishwasher. Please do not store teats in a disinfectant solution for longer than recommended. The teat could be damaged. For the use of suitable disinfection devices or agents, please follow the manufacturer's instructions in order to prevent product damage. Before each use, inspect the teat and pull it in all directions - especially with teething children. If the slightest bite marks or cracks appear, replace them immediately: parts could be bitten off and swallowed. Replace the vacuum cleaner immediately if it is worn or damaged. For reasons of hygiene and safety, do not use the teat for longer than 4–8 weeks, depending on the intensity of use. Do not heat bottles filled and closed with food in the microwave - risk of explosion. Uneven heating poses a risk of scalding, so stir the food well afterwards.

Warning notices
FOR THE SAFETY AND HEALTH OF YOUR CHILD - ATTENTION! - Prolonged and prolonged suction of liquids causes tooth decay. - Always check the temperature of the food before feeding. - Throw away the product immediately at the first signs of damage or defects. - All unused parts must be kept out of the reach of children. - Never attach strings, ribbons, shoelaces or parts of clothing to the product. Risk of strangulation! - Feeding teats should never be used as pacifiers. - This product is only to be used under adult supervision.